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I’m creating a short, actionable, step-by-step guide for transitioning to polyphasic sleep designed for the everyday busy person. It won’t be for people who love researching self-experimentation or who want to push their body to find their breaking point.

This guide is for you IF you want to transition to polyphasic sleep because a) it sounds interesting and b) you are busy and want/need more time every day without spending weeks researching and attempting polyphasic sleep on your own.

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Why the guide?

I’m energized, healthy and incredibly productive with polyphasic sleep. However, I spent weeks researching the subject before I jumped into it. Even then, it took multiple efforts with changes from my own experience and further research to get it right.

My goal is to help interested, busy people explore polyphasic sleep efficiently because, well, polyphasic sleep is all about efficiency.

Included in the guide:

  • What you’re getting yourself into introduction
  • Choosing the type of polyphasic sleep that’s right for you
  • Designing your schedule
  • Step-by-step adaptation preparation plan
  • How to nap properly (get good sleep and wake up on time!)
  • Tips for common difficulties including being really tired, oversleep, not sleeping in naps, etc.
  • Diet and exercise adjustments
  • Tips for social life adjustment
  • How to sleep polyphasic and remain in a relationship…
  • Game-changing gear list

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