Further Learning Resources

Polyphasic Society

This is the best online resource for polyphasic sleep information that I’ve found. The site can be a bit technical and jargon-filled, but it’s incredibly interesting and useful. The forums are an awesome way to connect with and learn from other poly sleepers too!

Ubersleep: Nap-Based Sleep Schedules and the Polyphasic Lifestyle

Uberman BookThis is the holy grail on polyphasic sleep written by Puredoxyk who created the most popular polyphasic sleep schedule: Uberman. This is a great resource on not only Uberman but Everyman and other polyphasic schedules, the science (or lack-there-of) behind polyphasic sleep, advice for adapting, social aspects, and more. This is a really interesting deep dive into polyphasic sleep.


Tools That Helped Me

Sleep Mask and Ear Plug Sleep Kit

Sleep MaskThis travel sized sleep mask does a great job of cutting out the light almost completely. It also has cavities over your eyes and has an adjustable strap. It comes with a small travel bag and standard ear plugs. I have two of these – one I keep at my house and one I keep in my computer bag so pretty much no matter where I am I have one ready to help me nap!


This super handy app adjusts your computer monitor’s color temperature to make your screen night-time friendly. By cutting down on blue and green light, f.lux helps to keep melatonin production, which regulates sleep, normal even when staring at a monitor late at night. You can adjust your color temperature way down at night by expanding beyond their ‘normal’ values in settings.

 Pebble Smartwatch

pebble smartwatchPebbles are cool! They are extremely customizable, have their own app store, and it is an awesome company. The silent alarm and actigraphy sleep tracking by the Pebble have helped me a ton. I no longer disturb my fiance’s sleep as much and I have more insight into my sleep cycles so I can better design my schedule. I highly recommend a smartwatch with a vibrate alarm and sleep cycle tracking at least during adaptation.

Sleep as Android

The sleep as android app does a really good job tracking sleep cycles with actigraphy and pairs wonderfully with the pebble. Even if you don’t get a compatible smartwatch – just using your phone on your bed or under your pillow will provide pretty good results for tracking sleep cycle.


Great free tool for visualizing polyphasic sleep schedules.