Core | 10:30 AM – 2:00 AM

Nap 1 | 6:10 AM – 6:50 AM

Nap 2 | 11:40 AM – 12:00 PM

Nap 3 | 4:50 PM – 5:10 PM

I’m really excited to start my first day of adaptation to Everyman 3 again! I’m being smarter about my adaptation this time too, hopefully so I can give feedback on what works and what doesn’t (at least for me).

Determining my schedule

The four main considerations that went into developing this E3 schedule are:

  1. Roughly evenly spaced awake periods, but with awake time getting longer as the day goes on. My awake periods after core are: 4:10, 4:50, 4:50, 5:20. It’s important to not have more than 6 hours of awake time between sleep on the Everyman schedule. More than 6 hours not only leads to more tiredness, but makes it harder to ‘sleep-off’ that tired with a nap.
  2. Getting my core as close to dusk as I can reliably pull off. Taking my first nap in the early morning when my sleep pressure is high and so I can have a ‘normal’ morning after I wake up.
  3. Being in-sync with my immovable everyday routines. My fiance gets up at 5:40 and leaves at 6:05 every morning for work. So, the idea is to spend a couple minutes with her in the morning and then go right to bed after. She gets home most days at 5:15 PM, so I will have just popped up from a nap when she gets home. A 10:30 bedtime feels natural for both of us these days and is already a part of our routine.
  4. I’ve set each of my naps to be at transition times for my day. Nap 1 comes after Amanda leaves and before I eat breakfast and “start my workday.” Nap 2 comes right before lunchtime. Nap 3 comes at the end of the workday. I noticed that it’s hard for me to be in the middle of something and take a break to nap as my mind is still racing on that task. By making my naps happen more frequently at break points, I’m hoping to have a more quiet, clear mind when my head hits the pillow.

Day 1 in the books

Day 1 went really well. Waking up to my smartwatch alarm was easy and I was excited to jump into my big list of to-do’s. I slept deeply and dreamed in nap 1, I was very close to sleeping (or was maybe in/out of light sleep) in nap 2, and I slept the second half of nap 3. That’s much better than not sleeping at all and certainly not hitting REM in any naps like my first adaptation.

I attribute my greater success in napping on day 1 not only to the fact that my body and mind are more trained to get into REM fast and take advantage of head-on-pillow time, but also… I’m setting myself up for success with my schedule, I don’t have anxiety over sleep or the adaptation this time, and I have better nap practices this time. I’ll share more things I’m doing differently in the next coming days including my napping techniques, but the schedule is a huge part of it.

One thing I can share for certain is that I got way more accomplished on my first day of adaptation than any of my monophasic days over the last couple weeks.